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Pet grooming services in Jupiter include dog grooming and cat grooming at our Day Spa. Request a full makeover or a simple pampering.

Beauty that’s more than “skin deep”

Coat, color, and healthy skin regardless of your pet’s breed is connected to proper nutrition. A balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are essential for them.

Be cautious…

Too much of a good thing can do more harm than good for them. Monitor their vitamin and mineral supplements to avoid overloading them.

Keep ‘em clean

Your Jupiter vet at All Animal Clinic helps assure that grooming keeps your pet healthy and feeling good.

Managing their coat health helps prevent internal and external parasites. Worms can sap essential nutrients from dogs. This can cause their coat to lose its quality and shine plus lead to other health problems.

Be aware of the damage ticks can cause your pet. Annoying itching and damage from frequent scratching can impact their coat and overall health.

Consistent grooming improves your pets coat. Our pet grooming services in Jupiter use combs and brushes that stimulate your pet’s coat. Surface hair, dander, and matted hair are removed.

Shampoos and conditioners too

A specific shampoo and conditioner is available for each type of dog or cat coat. Bathing frequency varies pet to pet. Some need frequent baths and others only periodically.

Your pet’s skin condition requires attention too. It’s important to use products formulated for pet use. Human products can be too harsh for your pet’s skin. If you have questions, ask us!

Some shampoos are blended to enhance your pet’s coat color and shine. De-tanglers and conditioners can help make combing them easier.

Contact your Jupiter veterinarian about dog grooming and cat grooming services. Schedule their next grooming session.