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Letter to Our Clients

Due to Covid19, the All Animal Care Clinic is taking upmost precautions to keep our clients and staff safe.

On March 16th, after looking at the news from Europe and feeling that we might be next, we instituted our new clinic protocol: ”Curbside Concierge Care”.

The experience has been awesome!

I’ve never been so proud of our staff as I am during this time of crisis and uncertainty. I’m proud of their dedication and their professionalism and especially proud of their ability to adapt and to provide care with kindness and love. Despite the stress we all feel about this pandemic, our incredible team has actually managed to make this fun! And our amazing clientele has greeted “Curbside Concierge Care” with paws up praise and enthusiastic appreciation for keeping everyone as safe as we can.

So, just what is “Curbside Concierge Care” ?

Part of it is upping the ante on our already awesome disinfection protocols inside the clinic. We are wiping everything… twice! The more visible part is that our staff will be wearing masks. Clients will stay in the parking lot, typically inside their cars so that they can stay cool in their air conditioning of the car as our temps rise.

We are keeping our distance! The government recommends 6 feet and except for the actual hand off of a pet, we are adhering to this social distancing. We will be also using our own clinic leashes during this time.

After the curbside “drop off” of pets with one of our vet nurses, your pet will be brought into the clinic. We then carry out the examination as usual, and Dr Zuercher will chat with you via cell phone, or he may come outside to chat with you, (observing the social distancing mandate of staying 6 feet away.;-)

During this time, we are primarily seeing pets with emergencies, those with ongoing medical conditions, recheck exams, and puppies and kittens needing their initial vaccine series. We will give rabies vaccines as they come due since it is a zoonotic disease and the vaccinations are mandated by the government. We will likely schedule your pet’s annual wellness exams within a few weeks as things return to normal. We are still hospitalizing sick patients. We are still treating pets with skin conditions or other maladies. We continue to help pets in need of dental care as we don’t wish for the pets to have ongoing oral pain if they need extractions.

If you need pet food or medicine we are here for you. Currently we are opening our doors at 8:00 am and closing around 3:00 pm or when the last sick pet leaves. This may change day to day, so please call ahead.

Please, stay at home unless your career is “essential” for our society to function. We are all responsible for each other’s safety. We are in this together. We see veterinary medical care as essential. We are the first line of defense in the very unlikely event that this becomes an issue for pets. Yes, there was the 17 year old Pomeranian in China that tested positive, but thus far it appears to be a human problem. If you test positive, please practice social distancing with your pet as you would a human.

With Love and Best Wishes to All of our Patients and their Pet Parents

Dr Zuercher

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