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February is Pet Dental Health Month – Extended

Brush Up On Pet Dental Health Month

To help keep your pets smiling bright, we’re celebrating Pet Dental Health Month in February – making this the perfect time to get your furry friend on a proper dental regimen. Schedule an appointment this month for a dental cleaning procedure and receive a $100 credit through the end of February.*

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Did you know?

Proper dental care is vital for our pet’s good health. Left untreated, problems with teeth and gums can lead to gingivitis, tooth loss, periodontitis, dental abscess, and even bone infection!

Because we are passionate about our pets, and about yours too, Dr Zuercher and the All Animal Care Clinic staff want to help pet owners provide their dog or cat with comprehensive veterinary dental cleanings that promote long term dental health, and also help to identify any painful problems, as early as possible!

So make your appointment today, our spots for this special promotion are filling up fast!

This special package includes pre-dental exam, complete blood work, sedation, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, antibiotic and pain injection.

Additional costs may be incurred if clinically indicated which might include tooth extractions, oral antibiotics, additional care for Senior pets, (those pets 8 years and older).

Regular price $ 575.00

The exam before the dental and check after

At the All Animal Care Clinic all animals undergoing a dental cleaning receive pre-anesthetic bloodwork, a short-acting inhalant anesthetic, and pain medication (as needed) to minimize risk and maximize their comfort.

Dr Zuercher and our vet nurses use ultrasonic scalers to remove plaque and tartar and pay careful attention to each tooth both above and below the gum line. They then polish your pets teeth to their pearliest white and give them a fluoride treatment to protect the enamel surface, keeping those teeth healthy and helping that dentist -fresh breath, last longer.

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